WordPress-The best blogging platform for writers

An Ideal Blogging Platform

Choosing an ideal platform for your blog is Best blog platform wordpress significant for promoting yourself as a successful blogger. New bloggers have a plain confusion about picking the platform for blogging.Transferring of platform from one to another frequently is not a good practice as it will result in fragmented web presence. WordPress is a flexible and pertinent platform for your content in web. You can start your blogging career with WordPress which is offering free version as well as paid versions.

Free and Paid Versions of WordPress

Free version of wordpress which offers a basic blogging platform is wordpress.com. If you want do more customization and you need to add plugins for your blog with wordpress, its easy to switch over to worpress.org which is the paid version offers by wordpress.

BlogSpot and WordPress

On comparing with Blogspot, WordPress is having so many user friendly features which is beneficial for bloggers. Blogger is the service offered by tech giant Google and one of the advantage of BlogSpot is feedBurner which is not there in wordpress. BlogSpot is having limited number of tools and services, at the same time wordpress is offering variety options such as extension of default features, customization and modification of themes etc.WordPress is an apt platform for doing Search Engine Optimization on your blogs.By using WordPress SEO plugins like yoast,all in one SEO bloggers can easily optimize their blogs.

                                          Anna Susan Sam