Role of Feedburner in SEO


Feedburner is an add-on service for our online content. Feedburner is an apt option for attaining popularity and achieving  page authority to blogs, especially blogs regarding to any websites. If you want to grab a dominant position among the online competitors, feedburner is an essential tool to get maximum exposure to blogs which has a great impact on organic views.

Feedburner is a tool, which is acquired by Google. It is a free tool for getting subscribers to our online content. We can access feedburner easily using Google account, similar to analytics and blogger. Feedburner is an effective way to get maximum readership to blogs and thereby loyal readers and organic links.

Feedburner Subscription-form in a blog

In search engine optimization, feedburner is utilized for subscription and re-marketing purposes. E-mail service in feedburner is a path for publisher to deliver content to subscribers. E-mail subscription is a chance for getting more number of frequent readers to blogs. By using feedburner tool bloggers can attach subscription form to their blogs. Readers can make use of this subscription form to subscribe the blog and subscribers would get alert mail, once there is any post or updates in the subscribed blog. Feedburner also provides data of your subscribers and statistics of your feeds. Here an option for re-marketing arises via feedburner, bloggers can make use of the e-mail address of subscribers for re-marketing purpose.


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